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LS Wealth Strategies LLC
Gain from an independent perspective.

LS Wealth Strategies LLC is an independently owned Wealth Management Firm and multi - year recipient of the Five Star Wealth Manager Award (including 2012, 2013 & 2014). Our advisors have been delivering personalized service to our clients for more than 23 years. Our independence allows us to offer an unbiased, objective approach that best serve your unique investment needs and goals.

One of the benefits of working with an independent firm is that we only offer investment products and services that we believe are best suited to realize your financial objectives. We are not obligated to sell any specific product, service, or investment.

Whether you are a seasoned investor interested in a new perspective or someone about to retire that is exploring the benefits of a retirement income strategy,we begin our relationship by understanding your needs, goals and desires. The investments must fit the strategy, and the combination of creating the best strategy to fit your individual needs, finding the best investment options to fit the strategy and monitoring ongoing changes that will together give you the highest probability of success.


Discovery: We first focus on taking an in depth look at your life and career and listen to what you envision for your future. We learn the story of your assets and your feelings toward risk. And, perhaps most importantly, we come to know your family dynamics and your view of the legacy you wish to build.

Execution: Based on the results of your discovery, we research and create a tailor made strategy designed around your personal goals, investment horizon and risk tolerances while keeping a clear focus on taxation. You will benefit from solutions which include world class portfolio management, asset protection and tax efficiencies.

Evaluation: To ensure your investment plan is on track to help generate the maximum potential risk adjusted returns, we conduct periodic reviews of its progress. What’s more, we make as needed adjustments to your portfolio for any life changes that may occur along the way. When you entrust us with your financial future, we strive to make your financial life worry free.




*Please see the “Five Star Professional” page with additional details and information.